Q1 – What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing showcases a variety of themes and colours for the simple, easy, and fast solution of digital and social media marketing.




Q2 – But, how can I trust an Influencer?

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With this much trust between potential consumer and influencer, maybe you should start to trust them too…





Q3 – How can I select my influencers?

Once we receive your deposit, we will present which Influencers we believe are the best fit. This is after we have examined your objectives, short & long term goals and expectations. To get the best return on every brands’ investment we will focus entirely on what your brand needs before going into the Influencer selection process. This is because there are plenty of influencers in each industry, and selection based on what you want to achieve is crucial.





Q4 – So what’s the whole marketing process?

Once we receive your 50% deposit and you receive your confirmation from us, we’ll get straight to work on your campaign. Your campaign will begin with a strategic plan comprising of what type of content and when it will be posted. It will also include your designated Influencer(s) to choose from, their profiles and rate of engagement. We will need to discuss your goals & objectives, and any previous marketing strategies. Upon final payment, your engagement-ready content will be sent to you for final approval, then go live & viral with your strategy through your influencer. We will report back on a weekly basis with reports and traffic. Your brand will be exposed to thousands, if not millions of people in Australia and worldwide.




Q5 – Is my industry fit for Influencer Marketing?

Every brand in any industry can benefit from Influencer Marketing. If you’d like to know more about your industry specifically, email us at hello@influencersaustralia.com.au


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