Who we are

Welcome to Influencers Australia

Influencers Australia was founded in Melbourne, Australia by a Designer and an Architect who found it difficult to find an agency that would cater for full-service Influencer Marketing and content creation.

The team began to propagate to an expert team of marketing experts, talent strategists, and designers who are here to carefully cast Influencer marketing campaigns in businesses and help them bloom. Influencers Australia manages the whole process and requires little to no content contribution from the brand's side. 


What we stand for: 

  • Influencers Australia is a  professional and vibrant team!
  • We provide results that smash Google's recommended click-through rates - in fact, 21 times over.
  • Influencers Australia has never had a bad review.
  • We are an exclusive end-to-end Influencer Marketing Agency. So you can focus on other tasks while we take full control and work on your objectives. 
  • We keep our promises - Not create meaningless fabrication. Our team does everything for you at nowhere near the price of employing a Marketing Professional. 
  • Influencers Australia are the leaders in the Influencer Marketing space. 
  • Influencers are hand selected to match your brand's vibe and objectives - we don't rely on apps and software's to select your influencers. 
  • Our team has leading qualifications in the social media marketing field.
  • Your content is created with us, but owned by you! You have full rights to use any content created with our campaigns.


If you have any questions or queries about our services please feel free to email us at media@influencersaustralia.com.au. We will get back to your enquiry within the same business day.