Influencer Marketing: The New 9-5

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The perfect influencer handbook to start your journey of Instagram Fame.

We have evaluated and monitored hundreds of influencers. Working with brands in the fashion, tech, health, beauty, fitness, travel and lifestyle industries, we are constantly on the lookout for upcoming, fresh-minded influencers with excellent engagement. 

This eBook is the ultimate guide to support, define and elaborate on the components of Influencer Marketing. Each element on the success of today's influencers has been broken down into sub-categories to investigate the detail on what makes these new Influencers more trusted than online celebrities. The New 9-5 thoroughly walks you through what is essential before deciding if you have what it takes to be an Influencer. But most importantly, what brands look for, how to fairly calculate your rates and ultimately quit your day job and travel the world while working on the go. 

Social media Influencers are living the dream. What was once a thought is now a beautiful reality. The Influencer Marketing space is growing and is now a 1.2 Billion Dollar industry. It is projected that by 2020, it will be a 5 Billion Dollar industry. 

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